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They Got There, By And Large  

, , , , | Right | January 8, 2020

(I work in a sandwich shop, and a customer approaches my register after ordering.)

Me: “Hi, what did you have today?”

Male Customer: “We had three sandwiches, one large veggie… and a small one… and…”

Me: “All right.”

(I turn to look at the sandwiches being made. I notice that he’s with a woman who is still getting her sandwiches finished, so I take a look and ring up what I see.)

Me: “Looks like a large veggie, a small one, and a large special veggie?”

Male Customer: “Uh…”

(He looks at his bags, at the woman, and at my employee making his sandwich, and seems generally disorganized and unsure. The woman walks over.)

Female Customer: “Hi, we actually had three small veggies.”

Me: “I’m sorry, all of them were small?”

Female Customer: “Yes.”

(She’s nodding and smiling, but the man is looking as confused as ever. He talks to her in a foreign language for a few moments.)

Male Customer: “So, one large veggie and two small veggies.”

(The woman yells at him in the other language.)

Female Customer: “They were all small.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that one there is a large one and the one she has over there is large.”

(The woman picks up the obviously large sandwich and looks at it as if she’s just now realizing it’s visibly larger.)

Me: “If you wanted small ones, I can have them remade for you.”

Female Customer: “No, okay, we had one large and two small ones.”

(The man pipes up and they begin arguing in their language again.)

Me: “[Employee], what sandwiches did you make for these two customers?”

Employee: “They had two large special veggies with chicken and a small veggie.”

Me: “All right, folks, I guess that about settles that one. Your total is [price].”

(The woman was very visibly upset and yelled at the man in their language again, but he looked at me and apologized. The price difference from what she was trying to convince me they had was almost $10.)

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