They Got Over That Hump!

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My father and I have just been visiting his sister who lives in a distant country town and we’re driving to visit another sister who lives in the next town about two hours away. He takes a route I have never been on before instead of the shorter, direct route we usually take as he wants to show me where his grandparents used to live.  

Driving down country roads in Australia, it’s common to see cattle, sheep, and horses in the fields, but as we round one curve, we see something we didn’t expect.

Me: “Hey, look at the camels!”

Dad: *Concentrating on the road* “Camels? Are you mad? Why would there be camels out here?”

He slows down to take a look.

Dad: “Well, look at that. Camels!”

We mention it to my aunt.

Aunt: *Laughing* “[Cousin] will be glad to hear that; he thought he was going mad last weekend. He and a mate camped out that way last weekend, and they woke up to the strangest noises outside of their tent, so they peeked outside and they were surrounded by camels. He was sure it was just some weird, vivid dream because there was no sign of any camels the next morning.”

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