They Get No Credit For Realizing

, , , | Right | July 23, 2018

(This kind of conversation happens on a daily basis:)

Me: “Would you like to sign up for [Store Credit Card]?”

Customer: “Is it a credit card?”

Me: “It is a credit card; however, you get [list of benefits].”

Customer: “Yeah, sure.”

Me: “Okay, just to confirm: you do understand it’s a credit card, correct?”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah, sure.”

Me: *proceeds to sign customer up*

Customer: “Hang on. Is this a credit card?”

Me: “Er, yes, it is a credit card, as I explained.”

Customer: “Oh, then I don’t want it.”

(Every. Single. Day. You’d be amazed how many of them will get all the way to the point of officially being signed up before they suddenly realise it’s a credit card and that they don’t want it.)

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