They Get “Cheeky” When The Cheeks Aren’t Slapped

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(I’m working on the tills when a young boy and someone I assume is his mother approach.)

Mum: *to child* “Now, give the lady your sweets and money. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt.”

Child: *tossing sweets onto counter* “Give me the receipt. Now.”

Mum: *laughing* “Wait until she’s scanned them!”

(I scan his sweets and read him the total. He throws a £5 note onto the counter.)

Child: “Here. Take it.”

Mum: *still laughing* “Now don’t be cheeky!”

(I gave him the change, and neither of them thanked me. I’d love to have told the mother that her darling child wasn’t cheeky; he was downright rude!)

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