They Failed The Acid Test

| Related | April 22, 2013

(My teenage daughter comes home from school with a bandaged finger.)

Me: “What did you do? Did you get into a fight or something?”

Daughter: “Not exactly. I was in chemistry class; we did an experiment with several substances, as well as different kinds of acids. I was kind of fascinated with them…”

Me: “…and?”

Daughter: “I stuck my finger in the bottle.”

(Luckily it isn’t so bad, and we have a good laugh about it! Three years later, my other daughter comes home looking embarrassed, after chemistry class with the same teacher.)

Me: “I know that look; what did you do? Please don’t tell me you stuck your finger in the bottle like your sister!”

Other Daughter: “No! It was marked ‘dangerous’, so I didn’t touch it. But…”

Me: “What?”

Other Daughter: “I wanted to see if it had a smell, so I smelled it. When I sneezed later, something black flew out!”

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