They Edited Out Their Financial Situation

, , , , | Right | September 13, 2020

Editing is an important service in the path from great idea to published book. Freelancers spend nearly as much time trying to drum up clients as we do editing, and after a long dry spell, I put out the word all over the web, including sites having nothing to do with writing or editing. Eureka! I got a nibble!

Client: “How much would you charge to edit a novel?”

Me: “Depends on the size and difficulty. What did you have in mind?”

Client: “300,000 words.”

Me: “That’s huge! Send me a sample chapter and I’ll be able to give you a bid.”

The client sends a sample chapter; it’s interesting but a mess. I edit a couple of pages and send it back.

Me: “I can do this in [length of time] for [amount].”

Client: “Wow, you do incredible work! This is great. I’ll get in touch when I get some money.”

Me: “…”

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