They Don’t Need To Come With Dips

| Working | March 3, 2015

(Friend #1 works at a well known supermarket as a cart pusher. He is a hard worker, but he lacks any sense of professionalism. Friend #2 has stopped by and this transpired.)

Friend #1: “Hey, ask me if we have Doritos flavored condoms.”

(Friend #2 adopts a theatrical pose.)

Friend #2: “Sir! Do you have Doritos flavored condoms?”

(Friend #1 grabs his store radio and calls over it.)

Friend #1: *over the radio* “Management, a customer wishes to know if we have Doritos flavored condoms.”

(Several seconds of silence pass by on an otherwise busy line.)

Friend #1: *over radio* “Do you copy?”

Supervisor: “No, we do not have… THAT, and do not say that over the walkie!”

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