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They Don’t Know What True Harassment Is…

, , | Right | October 22, 2021

My sister works as an assistant at an international department store during the school holidays. The store policy is for the staff to greet the customer as they pass you.

Assistant #1: “Good morning, ma’am. Welcome to [Store].”

A few minutes later:

Assistant #2: *In passing* “Good morning, ma’am.” *Walks past*

A few minutes later:

Assistant #3: *In passing* “Good morning, ma’am.”

The customer looks annoyed.

Customer: “Get me your manager!”

[Assistant #3] is puzzled but complies.

Manager: “Good morning, ma’am. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Your staff won’t stop bothering me while I shop!”

Manager: “How have they been bothering you, ma’am?”

Customer: “They’re so pushy and keep trying to make me buy their products! I just want to buy [item]. I’m not going to buy anything else! You can tell them to stop harassing me!”

The manager was able to placate her. Later, he gathered the staff in the back room and asked them about it. They explained that the most they had done was to wish her a good morning, and they could vouch for each other as they were all within hearing range.

I guess some people just don’t want to have a good morning.