They Don’t Know The Way To San José

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(When my parents split my dad got a job with a company based in the USA. Twice a year I’d go visit him. I don’t remember how these people started talking to me, but I was a very social child.)

Random Person: “You are such a sweet child. Where are you from?”

Me: “Costa Rica.”

Random Person: “Oh! Puerto Rico is such a beautiful place.”

Me: “Costa Rica.”

Random Person: “Yes! It’s pronounced Puerto Rico.”

(Another random person, after telling him where I am from:)

Another Random Person: “Oh, that’s nice! Did your parents buy you those shoes when you came here? I always buy shoes for kids in third-world countries. Do you feel weird? Wearing shoes?”

(And yet another random person:)

Yet Another Random Person: “So, is Mexico nice?”

Me: “I don’t know. I’m from Costa Rica.”

Yet Another Random Person: “It’s the same. Isn’t Costa Rica a coast in Mexico?”

Me: “No.”

Yet Another Random Person: “I’m pretty sure it is.”

(When I am older and I’m back in the states, a guy is trying to impress me and asks me about my country.)

Me: “Costa Rica.”

Guy: “Oh, don’t we own you or something?”

Me: “What!? No. I think you are thinking Puerto Rico.”

Guy: “It’s the same. Costa Rica is ‘owned’ by the US, too.”

Me: “Mmm, no.”

Guy: “Well, I think it is.”

(The silver lining is that nowadays this happens a lot less than it used to.)

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