They Don’t Have This Down Pat

| Working | November 28, 2013

(I’m at a popular chain where your sandwich order is made in front of you on an assembly line.)

Me: “Hi, does the veggie $5 special come with a patty, or is it just—”

Employee #1: “What bread?”

Me: “Uh, whole meal, thanks. So that comes with a veggie pat—”

Employee #1: *to Employee #2* “Veggie special.”

Employee #2: “What salads?”

Me: “Lettuce and carrot, thanks. But just confirming, does that come with a patty or—”

Employee #2: *annoyed* “It’s coming. Toasted?”

Me: “Uh, yes.”

Employee #3: “Sauces?”

Me: “Um, barbecue please.”

(I see that my order still has no patty.)

Me: “Sorry, just want to know if that definitely comes with a patty?”

Employee #3: “Veggie patty?”

Me: “Yes.”

Employee #3: *impatiently* “Coming. $5, please pay at the counter.”

(I move along and try to pay Employee #4, while Employee #5 wraps up my order.)

Me: (to Employee #5) “Sorry, I know I’m being annoying but just checking that my order has a veggie patty?”

Employee #4: “It doesn’t come with a patty. It’s just salads.”

Me: “I asked every single person as they were making my order and they said it was coming.”

Employee #5: “You want a patty?”

Me: “Yes!”

Employee #4: “$6.50, please.”

Me: “What?”

Employee #4:“The special doesn’t include a patty.”

Me: “…”

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