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They Don’t Have Any Wisdom To Remove!

, , , , , | Learning | May 25, 2021

I teach sixth-grade science.

Student: “Miss! Have you gotten your wisdom teeth removed?”

Me: “Yes?”

My answer causes the student and his friends to start giggling.

Me: “Why is that so funny?”

Student: “Isn’t the phrase ‘getting your wisdom teeth removed’ code for ‘losing your virginity’?”

Me: “No, they do not mean the same thing! Why would you think so?”

Student: “Well, because both of those usually happen around the same time, so I thought…” *Shrugs and sits down*

Me: “No, they are two totally different things. Getting your wisdom teeth removed is having actual teeth removed from your mouth.”

Student: “Wait! Wisdom teeth are actual teeth?!”

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