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They Don’t GET It

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(I work at a small bank and I know most of our customers. We are located inside of a Walmart. A man I don’t recognize walks up to the counter and throws some coins at me.)

Man: “What can I get for this?”

Me: “I’m not really sure what you mean, sir.”

Man: “With this… what can I get?”

Me: “Do you want to exchange that for dollar bills?”

Man: “No! What can I get?”

Me: “Well, sir, we’re a bank. I could exchange your coins for larger bills, if you’d like.”

Man: “Why would I give you money for money? What can I GET?”

Me: “Well, you can’t get anything here unless you have an account and want to make a withdrawal. We’re a bank.”

Man: “Why don’t you get your manager and I can ask him what I can get?”

Me: “We don’t have a manager on staff today; I’m the senior teller here. Sir, there’s really nothing I can do for you unless you want me to exchange your coin for dollar bills.”

Man: “Oh, for Christ’s sake, I just want to know what the h*** I can GET!”

(He walked away grumbling angrily to himself. I still have no idea what he wanted.)

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