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They Do Attract A Certain Type

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I’m a manager at a bookstore. A customer comes up to me. 

Customer: “I just wanted to say what great service your cashier provided me. She’s a real gem.”

Me: “That’s wonderful to hear! Do you know who exactly served you? Both our lead cashiers are working right now.” 

Customer: “The girl.”

Me: “Um, actually, they’re both women.” 

Customer: “Oh, the one with all the tattoos.”

Me: “And they’re both covered in tattoos.” 

Customer: “Oh, well, one of the tattoos was that Harry Potter symbol. You know, that triangle thing?”

Me: “And they both have Deathly Hallows tattoos on their forearms.”

While both the customer and I are amused, knowing we can’t go on like this, I finally have the sense to ask:

Me: “Blonde or brunette?” 

Customer: “Oh, blonde.”

Me: “Great. That’s Maria. Thank you for letting me know. And I’ll be sure to pass it along to the store manager.”


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