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They Didn’t Make You Do The Thing, Ma’am

, , , , | Healthy | CREDIT: gwynforred | August 18, 2023

I work for a mail-order pharmacy. A patient called to reorder her birth control, and she started ranting.

Patient: “The last time you sent out my birth control, you sent out the wrong quantity, and I got pregnant!”

The wrong QUANTITY. So, we sent her the right thing, and it didn’t get delayed in the mail, but it was short, so instead of using the little she had to give her time to get MORE, she let it run out and then STILL decided to have sex, and it’s OUR fault?

I made sure we sent out the right amount this time; heavens forbid it happen again!

That being said, a coworker pointed out that I messed up because I didn’t offer the patient a chance to talk to the pharmacist, which we are supposed to do when they have “side effects”!

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