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They Didn’t Hire Him For His Friendly Attitude

, , , , , | Working | September 28, 2021

It’s rather difficult to get hired for this particular job. I personally was interviewed twice and had to do some detailed IT-based tests to gauge my actual knowledge and skills. I then had to spend a month in rigorous training before being allowed to officially join the team.

Our team recently hired a new agent to help assist with customers experiencing technical difficulties with their service. Within the FIRST WEEK of joining us, my coworker with whom I was very good friends showed me an email this guy sent to her.

New Agent: “Dude, they sent me one of your tickets to work on, and I don’t know what the h*** they were thinking when they hired you.”

He proceeded to point out something he thought said coworker did incorrectly but was actually correct.

New Agent: “I then did a query for tickets you did… Dude, on ticket #123 you put down that the guy lives in Kansas City, Missouri. WAKE UP! Kansas City, Missouri?! How about Kansas City, Kansas? Are you walking around in a dream world? Then, on ticket #321…”

He pointed out another “mistake” that was actually correct.

New Agent: “Your tickets are a joke and I have no idea how you even have a job here. Maybe if you would focus more on WORK than your hair and makeup and boyfriend at home, you would understand how the system works. Do not EVER touch any of my tickets — EVER!”

Apparently, this guy didn’t query enough about this particular coworker, or he would have discovered that she also just so happened to be one of the floor managers who had been promoted to the position two weeks earlier. Not that it would have mattered, anyway, if she wasn’t.

Unsurprisingly, the next day, his locker was cleaned out and his name was whited out from the employee roster.

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