They Didn’t Have Beef With You, But Paid For It

, , | Hopeless | May 12, 2016

(I’m out on a date with my boyfriend, at the time, at a very nice French-American restaurant. We’re both in our early 20s, and very easily the youngest people in this pretty ritzy restaurant. We’re seated near to an older couple, and after we’ve ordered, I notice that they’re whispering to each other, with their hands next to their mouths, so we can’t see or hear what they say. I am thinking they are being very rude. They eventually leave as we order dessert. When we request the bill, the waitress brings it out, but tells us before handing it to us:)

Waitress: “Before I give you your bill, the couple next to you wanted you to know that they really liked seeing you two here and they paid for one of your beef tenderloins.”

(My jaw all but hit the table as that cut our bill almost in half (adding $36 to their bill as well!), and was single handedly the most generous thing I’ve ever had anyone do for me. It’s a reminder to me to not judge people without reason. Just because you think they might be rude doesn’t mean they actually are.)

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