They Deserve That Badge

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(In college, I live in a second floor apartment. I take a bad step and crash to the ground. My roommate isn’t home and I’ve lost my keys so I sit on the steps waiting. Being poor and in college, I just ice the foot that night and hope for the best. The next day, though, it is pretty obvious I’ve broken a bone. We have no car and rely on the campus bus. The stop is only about 200 yards from our place so it isn’t too painful. We don’t know the Saturday bus driver, but ask him if he’ll stop in front of the campus infirmary as I’d seen the weekday driver do that often. The driver not only refuses, he goes a different route so we don’t even pass the infirmary. My roommate and I get off the bus at the library and I start to hobble across campus, stopping to cry frequently. We are about half-way when a cop stops and asks if we need help.)

Me: “I’m just trying to get to the campus medic’s office. I may have broken my foot.”

Cop: “No problem.”

(He gets out of the car and opens the door for my roommate and me, and drives us right to the front door of the infirmary.)

Cop: “Here’s my card. Call me when you’re through. I’d like to know the diagnosis.”

(After X-rays, it is determined that I have, indeed broken the outside bone of my foot so I get a cast and crutches.)

Me: “So, ready to walk?”

Roommate: “I’m calling that cop.”

Me: “Seriously? Why? He did us a huge favor. I don’t really think he wants to know. He was just being polite.”

Roommate: “I don’t care. I’m calling.”

(She calls him and he comes to pick us up! He drives us home and chit chats.)

Cop: “Do you have a prescription that needs to be filled?”

Me: “Well, yeah. But I don’t think I will. With the cast on, it doesn’t hurt that bad. Honestly, I just want to put my foot up and have a beer.”

Cop: “Do you have beer at home?”

Me: “Actually, no. I’ll have to make do with putting the foot up.”

Cop: “Right, then.”

(He stops at the convenience store on the corner from our neighborhood and asks if I want a soda. I decline.)

Cop: “Okay. Stay put, then. I’ll be right back. This place has the best donuts and I’m due for one.”

(I kid you not, he came back out with donuts and a six pack of beer! He drove us home, helped me up the stairs, got me situated on the sofa with a beer, and headed back out!)

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