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They Deserve All The Credit

, | Working | April 24, 2017

(My husband and I are out for a walk and as we round the corner to our house, we notice a credit card on the ground. This is our conversation with the credit card company.)

Husband: “Hi, my name is [Husband] and we found a credit card on the ground outside and would like to let the owner know it’s been found. Would you be able to help us with that?”

Credit Card Company Rep: “You want to return it?”

Husband: “Yes…”

Credit Card Company Rep: “I have been working here ten years and I have never had anyone call trying to return a lost card to its owner before!”

Husband: *long pause*

Credit Card Company Rep: “Okay, well, once I get the name and the number on the card, go ahead and destroy the card and I will contact our client and let them know the card has been found and deactivated.”

Husband: “Okay! Thank you!”

Credit Card Company Rep: “No! Thank you! You just restored my faith in humanity!”

Question of the Week

What has a customer done that made you lose hope for humanity?

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