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They Can’t Clean Their Hands From Their Crimes

, , , , | Right | November 2, 2020

I work the lowest-paying job at my local grocery store, as I am too young to be a cashier; you have to be twenty-one or older.

Part of my job is to clean bathrooms. I block off the women’s restroom with our cleaning cart so I can clean it. A lady comes up and completely ignores the fact that I’m cleaning and shoves the cleaning cart out of the way of the door.

Me: “Oh, sorry, I’m cleaning this. I’ll just be a minute—”

The woman pushes past me into a stall. I give up and start to clean the mirrors before I mop the floor, since she’s technically in the way. She finishes in the stall and starts washing her hands. When she’s done, she FLICKS her very wet hands right in front of me. Water goes EVERYWHERE. All over the floor, all over the mirrors, and all over… me.

Me: “Excuse me?”

The woman just left, pushing the cart farther out of the way. I was stunned. I’ve started making sure no one can get through while I’m cleaning!

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