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They Can Take A Hike!

| Working | January 17, 2015

(I’ve just had major surgery to correct my scoliosis. I have rods and screws from the top of my back to the bottom. Because of complications, I’m in ICU during the first few days of recovery. The day after my surgery, a pair of physical therapists come in.)

Physical Therapist #1: “Well, sir, we see you had a pretty big surgery. We’re here to help with your recovery. Our goal is to get you walking again.”

Physical Therapist #2: “We’re gonna see if we can get you from your bed to this chair over here.” *she sets up a walker for me as I carefully sit up*

Physical Therapist #1: “Carefully now, just do your best. Tell us if you need assistance.”

(I slowly stand up and carefully walk the roughly 10 feet from the bed to the aforementioned chair. I get to the chair and carefully sit down. I look at the therapists to ask if I did okay and their jaws are dropped.)

Me: “What? Did I do something wrong?”

Physical Therapist #1: “We said… we said our GOAL was to get you walking again. We didn’t mean TODAY!”

(I went on to walk every opportunity at the hospital and am making a very rapid recovery.)

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