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They Both Landed On The Wrong Detail

, , , | Right | January 3, 2020

(I am on a flight from Austria to Bristol in the UK. Unfortunately, due to bad weather causing poor visibility, we are unable to land at Bristol airport. Our pilot informs us that we will be diverted to Cardiff, about forty-five miles away, land there, wait about twenty minutes to half an hour, and then take off and try again to land at Bristol. The party seated behind us calls a stewardess over.)

Male Passenger #1: “Can we get off at Cardiff?”

Stewardess: “No. We won’t be going to a gate, just waiting a little while until the weather clears at Bristol.”

Male Passenger #2: “But we live in Cardiff. Can’t you let us get off here?”

Female Passenger: “Guys…”

Male Passenger #1: “It really won’t take long just to let us get off, and we live in Cardiff.”

Male Passenger #2: “If we’re just waiting around, it won’t delay anyone.”

Female Passenger: “But guys…”

Male Passenger #1: “Yeah, nobody will be inconvenienced.”

Stewardess: “It just isn’t possible.”

Female Passenger:Guys! Think for a moment! Where did we leave the bloody car?!”

Male Passengers: “Oh.”

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