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They Aut To Have Known Better

| Learning | November 15, 2016

I provide training to raise awareness of autism. This training is often given to social workers and foster carers (never together, it doesn’t end well). During this story I’ve given my presentation to the health and social care class of the university, discussing the problems of living with autism and how it has affected me and my quality of life.

After the presentation I make myself available for any questions. The questions can be pretty stupid, such as how it’s affected my sex life, but the best one has to be this:

“So, are you autistic?”

They were honestly shocked when I said yes. They then confirmed they’d watched the presentation so they weren’t just passing by either. The teacher with me who arranged the whole thing facepalmed and apologised to me when the student left, still insisting I couldn’t be ‘that’ autistic.

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