They Asked For Your ID Card, Not Your Race Card, Part 2

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(While waiting in line to pay a bill at the local water company, this happens in front of me.)

Customer: *an older gentleman, notably Mexican* “I want to open an account at [Location] in my daughter’s name.”

Cashier: “I’m afraid I can’t do that. I either need her to come in here to do it herself, or you need papers signed by her, including a copy of her driver’s license.”

Customer: “What? Why do I need all that?”

Cashier: “Company policy, sir.”

Customer: “You know what I think this is?”

Cashier: “What’s that, sir?”

Customer: “This is a brown-skin issue.”

Cashier: “No? That has nothing to do with it.”

Customer: “Yes, it does! This is a skin issue! I’ve been paying bills here for 40 years and never had a problem before now!”

Cashier: “Paying a bill is entirely different from opening an account; that has nothing to do with this.”

Customer: “Then explain why you’re making this so difficult!”

Cashier: “It’s company policy!”

Customer: “This is racism!”

(It went around and around for a while before the guy left. The hard-headedness of this blew me away. It seems pretty obvious that you can’t just open an account in someone else’s name, because that’s a fraud risk. This guy was incapable of understanding that. I hope he eventually understands and just gets his daughter to do the work, since the account is supposed to be in her name.)

They Asked For Your ID Card, Not Your Race Card

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