They Are Not Bona-Fido

| Working | August 15, 2013

(I have left work early to pick up my dog from the groomer before they close at 5 pm. I arrive at 4:50 pm, to find the place dark and locked. Frantic, I start to knock.)

Me: “Hello? Hello!”

(An employee walks up from down the sidewalk.)

Employee: “We’re closed.”

Me: “I’m here to pick up my dog.”

Employee: “All the dogs have been picked up already.”

Me: “What? I left my Sheltie here this morning, and I said I’d be here right before 5 pm to pick her up! She has to be here!”

Employee: “No, there are no dogs left here. Maybe someone else picked her up?”

Me: “No, my husband works too far away to get here in time. Nobody else would pick her up! Can you please look and see?”

Employee: *sigh* “Fine, but I’m telling you, there are no more dogs here.”

(The employee unlocks the salon, and goes into the back. After several minutes, she emerges carrying our dog.)

Employee: “She was in one of the cages in back. I had no idea she was there!”

(We never go back to that salon again!)

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