They Are Iron Solid

| Romantic | April 3, 2014

(I am currently at work, chatting with my girlfriend on IM about a Comicon which is held in three weeks time.)

Me: “You know, Sweetie, I was thinking about cosplaying this time, but I have no idea who to go as.”

Girlfriend: “Well, there are a couple of options. I could make you a neat Jedi outfit if you wish…”

Me: “That’s nice, really, but I don’t want you to trouble yourself. I could make an arc reactor prop and go as Tony Stark.”

(She stops replying for a solid 45 minutes. Suddenly she’s back and…)

Girlfriend: “Okay, here’s the thing: we’re gonna need [quite long list of materials]. Here are a couple of links to arc reactor DIY tutorials. You stop shaving now so that your facial hair is long enough to be modelled. I will get you the Black Sabbath t-shirt he had in The Avengers…”

(I think I got really lucky meeting this girl!)

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