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They Are For Me, Myself, And ID

, , , , | Legal | June 27, 2018

(When we sell cigarettes we always check that the person buying them is 18 or over. My colleague and I are behind the counter chatting when a girl comes in, who is on the phone to her friend.)

Customer: “Yeah, I’m just in the shop about to buy some cigarettes; do you want any?” *after what I assume was a yes to cigarettes* “What ones do you want? Okay, I know the ones you mean.”

(She comes up to the counter and, as my colleague and I have just heard, she wants to purchase some cigarettes.)

Customer: *whilst her friend is still on the line waiting for her to be done* “Hi, can I get some [Brand] cigarettes please?”

Me: “Sure, are they for yourself? Or are they for your friend?”

Customer: “They’re for me.”

(Despite the fact she’s asked for the exact brand her friend requested.)

Me: “Okay, we have to check the ID for anyone who looks underage and is purchasing cigarettes. It sounded to me and my colleague that you are buying these for your friend, and if that’s the case, we would need to see his ID.”

Customer: “They are for me! I have ID.”

Colleague: “They obviously aren’t, as you walked in the shop talking loudly on your phone and your friend requesting that specific brand of cigarettes.”

Me: “I’m afraid that I can’t let you buy the cigarettes, as it’s obvious that they aren’t for you as your phone conversation proved, and we would be breaking the law if we didn’t check the ID of the person who was actually having the cigarettes, regardless of whether he’s old enough.”

(The girl looked annoyed and didn’t seem to understand what I’d just explained. Her friend was saying how ridiculous it was that we can’t serve her over the phone. She didn’t understand that walking into a shop to buy cigarettes and loudly saying on her phone she’s going to buy someone else cigarettes is completely idiotic! Evidently she left as we wouldn’t serve her and we laughed at how stupid it was to think we wouldn’t overhear her conversation.)

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