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They Are A Huge Hit Together

| Romantic | August 14, 2013

(My boyfriend is telling me about his day at work. Before we started dating, I once fell off a loft bed and onto his head.)

Boyfriend: “I told my coworkers I had a girlfriend.”

Me: “Oh? How did that come up?”

Boyfriend: “I told them you fell on my head.”

Me: “What context?”

Boyfriend: “Weird ways people have hit on you.”

Me: “It was an accident!”

Boyfriend: “Who cares? It won that discussion!”

Me: “What was it up against?”

Boyfriend: “Changing oil in one guy’s truck, and another guy’s bank manager balancing his checkbook for him.”

Me: “At least those are legitimate hit ons.”

Boyfriend: “Yours was a literal hit on!”

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