They Always Find Their Way In…

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I work for an upscale Italian restaurant. It is 11:00 am and we are a half-hour from opening. We are in the middle of our final prep for the lunch service when this happens.

Customer: “Are you open?”

I am momentarily dumbstruck because I have no idea where she came from.

Me: “No, we aren’t open yet; we don’t open for another half hour.”

Customer: “Oh, so, you aren’t open yet? I am meeting someone for lunch at 11:30.”

My head chef hears this and comes around the corner.

Chef: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, are you open yet? I am supposed to be having lunch here today.”

Chef: “No, we are not open yet; we do not open for another half hour. Can I ask how you got in here?”

Customer: “I saw the doors were locked so I came through your office.”

Chef: “You are not allowed in our office; the door was supposed to have been locked. Please come with me.”

I look to our pastry chef.

Me: “Did you just see that?”

Pastry Chef: “No, what happened?”

Me: “A customer came through our office to see if we were open for lunch yet. Even though the signs clearly say we open at 11:30.”

Pastry Chef: “Some people!”

Me: “I read stories like this on Not Always Right and never thought I would see someone that stupid here.”

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