They Also Poisoned The Water Supply And Burned All The Crops!

, , , , , , | Learning | July 4, 2020

I work for a school district. It’s March 13, 2020, when the US is realizing how wide-spread the health crisis is in our country and many places are shutting down. In the middle of the day, I volunteer to man our phones, as half the regular office staff is out sick and the other half needs to eat lunch. I get quick instructions on what to do and am left “running things.”

Halfway through my time there, the big announcement comes out: our school district and the rest of the schools in our county will be closed for six weeks. Then, the governor announces that all schools, even colleges, will close for six weeks. (The closure ends up lasting the rest of the school year.) Many other businesses will be closed, too, as the state enters a prolonged “stay home, stay safe” order.

When the regular office workers got back from lunch, they were stunned to hear the developments. I told them, “See, you leave me in charge for a couple of hours and look what happens!”

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