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They All Have A One-Way Ticket To The Exit

, , , | Right | November 10, 2022

I’m working in a movie theater. The box office attendees alert me about some customer who has let her friends in through a side door. I find them all in the screen; there are five friends, so six in total.

Me: “I need to see all of your tickets.”

The one girl who bought her ticket shows it to me. As soon as I see it, one of the other kids speaks up.

Kid: “If one of us has their ticket, it obviously means that we all have tickets.”

Me: “No, it does not necessarily mean that.”

Kid: “Why are you only checking black people’s tickets?! This is harassment! Our mom has our tickets, and she’s in another theater!”

Me: “You still need your tickets. I will check other people’s tickets and wait until you have them.”

After I checked three more customers (one of whom was a regular) they got up and left. I returned to the box and found out they tried to call another coworker racist, as well, before finally leaving.

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