These Tributes Are Posthumous And Post-Humorous

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(My father grew up in a building designed to house both his family and the family’s print shop business. Not long after my grandfather passed away, the store was sold and turned into something else. We’re driving past the old shop one day when I notice the new sign over the building.)

Me: “Wait… You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s an adult video store now?!”

Dad: “Yep.”

(I instantly start laughing, as Grandpa was a bit of a perv, and he no doubt would’ve found this a most hilarious bit of fate.)

Me: “That’s almost like a tribute! I bet Grandpa would’ve gotten a big chuckle out of that!”

(Fast forward several years, and the adult store is eventually demolished to make way for a truck servicing station for semis. We’re driving past after dark one night, when I notice something odd.)

Me: “Hey, Dad? Do you believe in fate?”

Dad: “Wait, fate? What do you mean?”

Me: “Well, you know the truck station that they put up over the old print shop? The name of it is spelled out in giant, light-up capital letters, ‘[OWNER]’S WASH & LUBE SERVICE,’ but all of the words on the sign have gone out, except for one word: ‘LUBE.'”  

Dad: “Oh, geez.” *starts chuckling*

Me: “I can’t help but think Grandpa just sent us a sign.”

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