These Staff Are Used To A Lot Of Tea-Totals

, , , , | Right | April 14, 2021

I visit my local [Global] coffee shop to have my lunch and work remotely. As a general rule, I always take extra time to clean up my area and throw away my trash. 

I have just stepped up to the trash bins, which are located underneath the shop’s milk/sugar/condiment station. I then watch an employee open the cabinet doors, take out the trash bins, and replace the full trash bags with empty ones. She has not yet placed the empty bins back in the cabinet. 

Just as she turns to tie up the bags, I thank her, and then proceed to throw my half-full tea drink into the completely empty, bin-less space! 

Thoroughly embarrassed and mentally face-palming, I profusely apologize to the employee and offer to help her clean up my new mess. She graciously declines… and wishes me a good day. I leave an extra tip and make a beeline straight for the door.

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