These Sporting Goods Are No Good

, , , | Right | May 14, 2020

The store I work in sells only clothing, jewelry, etc. — no sporting goods or hardware or the like. I am standing by the women’s athletic department.

Customer: “Excuse me; I think you’ve rearranged the store. Where are your sporting goods?”

Me: “Um, excuse me?”

Customer: “You know, like, running shorts and stuff?”

Me: “Oh, are you looking for men’s or women’s athletics?”

The customer gives me a blank stare.

Me: “Our women’s athletics are right here.”

I point right next to where we are standing.

Me: “And our men’s ath—”

Customer: “Are you sure these are women’s sporting goods?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, these are the only women’s athletics in the store.”

Customer: “I still think you’ve rearranged; this doesn’t look right.”

She wandered off, looking confused.

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