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These Situations Are Flour-ing Frequently

, , , | Right | May 30, 2020

I get a student job filling shelves in the morning. Normally, I’m done before we open, but sometimes, I have to stay a bit longer and people come up to me with questions. I’m just filling in the aisle containing everything from flour to canned goods. It is March 2020, so due to panic buying, we often run out of some items.

Customer: “Where’s the flour?”

Me: *Checking around* “The normal one is sold out. We still have this organic flour on the shelf above. I can go check in the back, though.”

The customer just… stares at me, so I take that as a yes and go into the back to check. Flour is one of the goods that’s gone frequently and we have no idea when it gets delivered next time.

Me: “I’m sorry, but the regular flour is sold out. You can get this one, instead.”

I point to the flour on the top shelf.

Customer: “But flour is 79 cents! It’s always here!”

Me: “That’s the other type. Unfortunately, that one sold out. This one is the only one we have right now.”

Customer: “But it’s always here!”

Me: “…”

Customer: “Why is it not 79 cents? It always is!”

The customer leaves without looking at me again.

Colleague: “At least you weren’t accused of hiding it from him like I was last week.”