These Senior Citizen Rates Are A Steal!

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(I book my movie ticket in advance. On the day of the movie my grandparents pay us a surprise visit, and Grandma wants to watch with me. We can’t sit together as a result, and she is stuck in a back corner while I am in the dead center. At the end of the movie, I try looking back, but I can’t see her, so I decide to wait until people clear out and just join her when she walks down. After half the theater has emptied, I figure I have missed her and follow everyone out. I look all around the large sidewalk and don’t see her, nor did she come out when the last person left. I frantically go around to the theater’s entrance, worried, because I’m not sure Grandma remembers how to walk home and she doesn’t have a mobile. Whew, there is Grandma sitting in the waiting area!)

Me: “Hey, I missed you in that crowd.”

Grandma: “Where were you?! I didn’t see you! I waited for a long time, and then I came and sat here.”

Me: “Where were you waiting? On the sidewalk?”

Grandma: “No, by the entrance!”

Me: “Entrance?”

Grandma: “Yes! The door we came in.”

Me: “You exited through the entrance! You were supposed to follow everyone out the front.”

Grandma: “It was too crowded, so I just sneaked out the entrance.”

(It turns out my grandparents usually get tickets near the back and sneak out through the entrances, and that they have managed to sneak into other movies several times without getting caught. After we got home and I mention this…)

Dad: “Mom! You’re still doing that?”

Me: “You knew?”

Dad: “Yes, always going out the back. They tried to sneak me into another movie once but I called them out for it!”

Grandpa: “It would have been a free movie!”

Me: “Dad, didn’t you think to warn me grandma might do that?”

Dad: “She’s a little old lady now?”

(At least I’m glad Grandma didn’t go into another movie this time, or I wouldn’t have found her…)

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