These Prices Are Not App-etizing

, , , | Right | January 14, 2020

(I work for a fairly popular chicken fast food restaurant, and I am taking orders outside with an iPad in order to make the drive-thru line go faster. We have an app that you can pay through, and I’m able to take payments from that or a card. I’m just finishing up this lady’s order.)

Me: “Will you be paying with cash, card, or the app?”

Customer: “I’ll be paying with the app! Do I scan it at the window?”

Me: “No, I can scan it for you here.”

(I hold up the iPad, and she scans her app. I can see on her phone screen that there’s no money on the app.)

Customer: “So, now I just go to the window and get my food?”

Me: “Actually, there wasn’t any money on your app, so you’re going to have to pay cash or card.”

Customer: “Wait. I needed to put money on the app in order to pay for my food?”

Me: “Yes?”

(The lady didn’t say anything but looked incredulously at me. I ended up sending her to the window to pay. I’m not sure why it was such a hard concept for her that she’d have to put money on her app in order to pay with her app.)

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