These Pranks Have Gone Through The (Sun)Roof

, , , , | Right | May 11, 2020

My husband and I pull up to a fast food drive-thru around midnight on a Friday. There is only one other car already at the window. We can hear loud yelling from the car, and the driver tries to toss what looks like trash into the window.

They sit there for several minutes yelling at the guy in the window before pulling away. As they drive off, the employee leans out and I see something white go directly in through their sunroof. The car stops just before pulling onto the road and sits there during this entire exchange. 

Another employee looks out and starts laughing so hard he can’t even stand.

Employee #1: “I am so sorry, guys. That was just so funny. I mean not funny! That wasn’t funny.”

Me: “Are you okay?”

Employee #1: “Yeah, yeah, those girls have come through here tonight twice just to mess with us. He just threw an egg at them and I think it actually went in the car.

Me: “Yeah… it totally did. It went right in the sunroof.”

[Employee #1] breaks down laughing.

Employee #2: “So sorry guys, it’ll be [total]. Sorry it took a second to get you up here; that’s the second time they tried to mess with us and they just wouldn’t leave! But, uh… you didn’t see anything.”

Me: “People shouldn’t screw with y’all. I didn’t see a d*** thing.”

Employee #2: “You guys rock!”

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