These People Are The Reasons Why Boxes Have Those “Sold Separately” Labels

, , , | Right | November 17, 2019

(My mother has worked in retail for years. When I get my first job in retail we are talking about how stupid customers can be. I doubt her until she recalls this story. She works in a shop that sells disposable barbeques throughout the summer. One day, an angry-looking woman storms up to the till that my mother is working on and slams a carrier bag on the table.)

Customer: “I want to return it!”

(My mother opens the carrier bag and pulls out an opened disposable barbeque. Immediately, she knows something is very off about this, as it is damp and freezing cold.)

Mother: “I’m sorry to hear that. What was the problem with it?”

Customer: “Well, it was awful! It completely ruined our afternoon!”

Mother: “How so?”

Customer: “Well, I bought it in here yesterday so that we could use it this afternoon! I took it straight home and put it in my freezer!”

Mother: “Uh… you did what?”

Customer: “I put it in my freezer so it would be ready for today! Anyway, I opened it today after inviting my entire family round and there was nothing in it!”

Mother: *holding the barbeque and extremely puzzled* “The barbeque wasn’t in it?”

Customer: “Oh, the barbeque was in there, but the burgers were missing!”

Mother: “Erm, disposable barbeques only contain the barbeque itself. You have to buy the food separately.”

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