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These Motorists Are Getting Antsy

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I’m a police officer. Back in the 1970s, [Highway] was loaded with traffic all of the time. The sides of the road narrowed as it went through the swamp areas and were barely wide enough for a vehicle to park with steep banks going down to the water.

One afternoon, traffic backed up for several miles. I attempted to weave my way through traffic to find out the problem. After several minutes, I arrived at the scene of the situation. A motorist was parked with his vehicle parked half on the road and half on the side with a flat tire. Clearly, he had enough room to get completely off of the highway but didn’t. His poor wife was flagging cars around the car.

I noticed that he was changing his tire in a “Fire Ant” nest. Before I could get parked, the ants started to sting. He danced out in the road in front of traffic, completely stopping traffic both ways, stripping off his shoes and pants as his poor wife beat the ants off. The motorists got a h*** of a show watching this naked man dance around.

I was a shavetail twenty-year-old trooper then. I’m now in my seventies and still laugh about this “fire ant” FEEDING.

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