These Guys Are A Dime A Dozen

, , , , , | Right | January 18, 2019

(A man comes into my sub shop and orders. It’s the popular setup where you choose items as you go down the line, and he’s condescending the whole way. I’m used to this, so I brush it off. Then, we get to the register, and I tell him his total, which ends in sixteen cents. He pulls out his change, and he only has eight cents, all pennies. I say:)

Me: “Well, you could give me one so you’d get less change back.”

Customer: “No, I don’t have enough.”

(Then he hands me all his ones and the pennies and looks at me expectantly, so I count it and tell him he’s short.)

Customer: “See? I told you I don’t have enough,”

(He grabs the money back out of my hands. I try to explain, but he starts talking over me.)

Customer: “Yeah, I have to give you a bigger bill. What are you, a [Local School] product? That would explain why you can’t count.”

(He keeps mocking me while I count out his change, and I finally hand it to him and say:)

Me: “Now, see, I’m handing you four pennies. If you’d given me one, I’d be handing you a dime, instead.”

(He goes silent, and then almost whispers.)

Customer: “Oh. Now I feel like a jerk.” *hustles out of the store*

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