These Days Gray Is Now Space Gray And Green Is Now Midnight Green

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(I work in the ladies’ shoe department in the local mall. A woman approaches me asking for a specific brand of sandals which we carry in three colors: white, brown, and black, or as the manufacturer calls them, pearl, nubuck, and licorice.)

Customer: “Can I get [sandal] in black?”

Me: “Of course, ma’am! Can I get—”

Customer: “You know, I was at [Location in the next town over] and they said they had them in black, but they looked gray to me, you know?”

Me: “Oh, wow. Well, we don’t even carry them in gray at this location. Can I get your size?”

Customer: “Eight.”

(I go and bring back the shoe in black. She seems delighted with them and I give her space so she can make up her mind, and so I can attend to my other customers. Later, she flags me down.)

Customer: “I just noticed that you brought me the wrong color.”

Me: “I’m so sorry, ma’am. Did you want them in white or brown?”

Customer: *holding the black shoes* “No, I wanted them in black.”

Me: *not sure what to say* “Umm…”

Customer: “Look, the box says, ‘licorice,’ not, ‘black.’”

Me: “Ma’am, licorice is just another name for black.”

(We go back and forth about this a couple of times until she finally explains.)

Customer: “I’m pretty sure that black is darker than this and less shiny.”

Me: *knowing that this particular style does not come with a matte finish* “Oh, okay, ma’am.”

Customer: “I really do like these shoes; I just wish you had them in black. If I can find them in black somewhere else, can I return them?”

Me: *explains return policy*

(After she makes her purchase and leaves:)

Coworker: “Did that really… just happen?”

Me: *sighs*

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