These Darn Kids And Their Darn Text Conversations I Can’t Eavesdrop!

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(I’m 19 but look a LOT younger than my age. I’m driving home from college for winter break. I stop at a gas station at the halfway point for coffee, and when I go to check out, an older gentleman gets in line behind me. I can feel him inching closer to me than he needs to. I pull out my cellphone both to pass the time and to text my roommate about how uncomfortable I’m getting; when I’m halfway into the text, I can feel him literally looming over my shoulder.) 

Older Man: “What would you do without that cellphone, huh?”

Me: *chuckling to play along* “I’d probably be lost—“

(I was about to explain I was using it as a GPS, but he interjects quickly.)

Older Man: “You’d probably have a lot more time to communicate with people. I bet you don’t even know the English language, do ye?”

Me:Actually, I do. I’m an English major.” 

(He went pretty much quiet after that, and continued to stay within five inches of my personal space until it was my turn. Even the cashier looked sorry. I’m always a fan of small talk, but maybe don’t open with an attack?)

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