These Cigarettes Are Giving Me The WRONG Type Of Cancer!

, , , , | Right | November 4, 2018

(A regular customer in about his mid-thirties comes in and immediately begins complaining to his friend as they grab a drink. They then walk up to the counter, where my manager serves them.)

Customer: “My buddy came in here last night to get me a pack of cigarettes, but you gave him the wrong ones. Can I exchange them?” *holds out the unopened pack of cigarettes*

Manager: “Sorry, sir, but policy states that once the cigarettes walk out the door, I cannot take them back into stock.”

Customer: “But, I’m here every day! You know me! You know what I smoke! The girl gave my buddy the wrong ones!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, and I understand, but policy states we cannot take cigarettes back once they have gone out the door.”

(The customer starts throwing his fists around and stomping.)

Customer: “I can’t believe this! I know it’s policy, but you know me! I’m in here every day! I can’t believe this! Oh, man! This is so unfair!”

(The customer’s friend is just standing there, watching all this happen. They finally pay for their drinks and leave.)

Me: *turning to my manager* “What is he? Two?”

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