These Boots Were Made For Walking, So Please Walk Away

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Customer: “Hi. I’d like to trade in some shoes.”

Me: “All right. What do you want to trade them for and what size? I’ll grab them right away.”

Customer: *points to the shoes on the shelf* “In a size ten, please.”

Me: “No problem, just a minute.”

(Three minutes later.)

Me: “Here you go, sir. Do you want to try them on first?”

Customer: “No, it should be fine.”

Me: “All right, sir. So, where do you have the shoes you want to trade in?”

(When he walked in I assumed they were maybe in his car or his wife had them or something.)

Customer: “Here they are.” *points to the shoes he’s wearing*

Me: “You want to trade in those shoes you have on your feet?”

Customer: *starts getting a bit annoyed* “Yes, of course. Now hurry up, please!”

Me: “Well, sir, I can’t take the shoes back if you’ve worn them and they’re dirty; they need to go back in stock to sell them once we’re done.”

Customer: “Just do it, then; it doesn’t matter if they’re dirty.”

Me: “It does, actually, sir. Do you even have the receipt or the box with you?”

Customer: “No, I threw them away. Why would I keep it?”

Me: “Well, sir, for situations like this.”

Customer: “That doesn’t make sense! Let me speak to someone who can actually help me.”

Me: “No problem.”

(I grab my coworker and explain the situation to him before he goes to the customer.)

Coworker: “I’m sorry, sir, but as my colleague said, we can’t do anything for you without the box or receipt. And the fact that you’ve been wearing them for a week means they’re dirty, and it’s not our job nor responsibility to clean them once they come in dirty. We can’t do anything for you.”

Customer: “Well, f*** you and this store, then; I’ll just go to a different brand of stores!”

(The customer walks off grumbling about our “terrible” service.)

Me: “He knows he can’t trade in shoes at stores where he didn’t buy them, right?”

Coworker: “Probably not, but that’s not our problem.”

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