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There’s Tasteless And Then There’s This

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I was working in a hotel when a murder happened in one of the rooms. It was a well-reputed hotel that had mostly a corporate clientele. Of course, the guests disturbed by the events and the police presence during the night were compensated; after all, they were there to sleep after and/or before a day working and were kept from that.

But what made me lose all hope in humanity were all the people with reservations in the following weeks who called and made the same request.

Guest: “I have a reservation there on [future date]. I was wondering if I could get a discount because of the murder that just happened there?”

Their reservations were in no way impacted by the events; they basically wanted a discount because a young woman was killed in her room. The incident had nothing to do with the hotel; we were just the establishment where they decided to meet that day.

Of course, no discounts were given to those who weren’t in the hotel when the events happened, but three years later, it still makes my blood boil that people would use someone’s death to save money.

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