Where There’s Smoke, There’s Customers

, , , | Right | January 2, 2018

(I’m working third shift alone and ringing up a regular when another customer bursts in the door.)

Customer: “My car’s on fire!!”

Regular: “Oh, s***!”

Me: *hits emergency stop button, grabs fire extinguisher, and runs out the door*

Customer: “What are you doing? Wait!”

Me: *douses flaming car*

Customer: “Oh, my god! What are you doing! You’ll ruin my car!”

Me: “No, the OPEN FLAMES EATING THE ENGINE will do that. You’re at a gas station, parked next to a gas pump. Your car was on fire and I put it out.”

Regular: “Do you want me to call the fire department?”

Me: “I’ll do it, thanks.”

Customer: “I don’t have to be here for that right? I’ve got to get home.”

Me: “…you can’t be serious.”

Regular: “Dude, what? She’s got to call the fire department and you can’t exactly drive yourself home.”

(The fire truck arrives shortly.)

Customer: “It was just burning oil! I don’t know why this is such a big deal. Oil is supposed to burn!”

Firefighter & Me: *in unison* “Not at a gas station, it isn’t!”

(The customer complained the entire time about having to wait around for the fire truck, and then complained that I’d ruined his car. Somehow, he managed to start his car and drive away… and came in the very next night and joked about how it was still smoking. I need a raise.)

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