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There’s Only So Much Strangeness One Can Juggle!

, , , , | Right | September 19, 2023

I am waiting for the elevator in the department store where I work. A customer is standing next to me holding two oranges in his hand. It’s a little odd, but our store has a small grocery section, so I don’t question it.

The elevator arrives and we both step on, joining another customer. We ride in silence for a moment. Then, the other customer starts talking to the customer holding the oranges.

Customer #2: “Do you know how to juggle?”

Customer #1: “Yes.”

Instead of juggling with the oranges, [Customer #1] hands them to [Customer #2] and gets three juggling balls from his pocket. He juggles with all three balls for the rest of the elevator journey, and he continues his juggling even as he leaves the elevator.

I am so transfixed by the juggling that I don’t realize that [Customer #2] is still in the elevator with me after the doors close again.

Customer #2: “That was awesome!”

Me: “Yes, but now you’re carrying his oranges.”

[Customer #2] looks down and realizes that he is indeed holding them.

Customer #2: “Oh, crap!”

Me: “Do you know him?”

Customer #2: “No! What do I do with these?”

I took them off his hands and took them to my customer service desk, where I paged for the “juggling customer” to come and claim his oranges.

I got a lot of weird looks for that one!

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