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There’s Only One Brat In This Restaurant

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(I am pregnant with my second child and a bit upset I have passed the 200-pound mark. To try to cheer me up, my mother takes me, my sister, and my daughter out to spend the day together. We have stopped at a diner for lunch and have just been seated when my daughter starts getting fussy because she is hungry.)

Customer: “Hey!” *snaps at the waitress* “That baby is causing a racket! It shouldn’t be allowed in here!”

Waitress: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but this is a family restaurant. They have every right to be here.”

Customer: “My meal has been ruined by that brat! I want it for free!”

Waitress: “I can’t do that, ma’am. You have ordered and eaten five entrees, and have already received your check. I can’t comp your entire meal just because a baby starts crying as you are getting ready to leave.”

Customer: “I’m going to call corporate on you for this! F****** brat has ruined my entire day!”

(The customer finally pays and leaves, but not without more foul language and many nasty looks in our direction. My mother has had her hand on my arm to keep me seated and has been whispering to me to stay calm the entire time. After the customer leaves, the waitress approaches our table.)

Waitress: “I’m very sorry about that. Can I get you ladies something to drink?”

Me: “Boy, I wish I could have some alcohol right now…”

Waitress: “I know how you feel. That’s the third time this month that lady has tried to get a free meal out of us.”

Me: “And I thought it was only us pregnant chicks that were that bat-s*** crazy…”

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