There’s No Way They Can Break Bread Over This

| Friendly | May 7, 2014

(One of my boyfriend’s roommates is lazy and sloppy. He brings over a giant loaf of fresh bread and leaves it on the counter, unwrapped.)

Me: “You should probably put that in the cupboard. Bread can go stale really fast.”

Lazy Roommate: “Nah, it’ll stay fresher if I leave it out!”

(A few days later, my boyfriend sees that it’s still out.)

Boyfriend: “I think you should put the bread away. It’s starting to go stale.”

Lazy Roommate: “Don’t worry about it. I’ll eat all of it by then.”

(Several days later, their other roommate sees that the remaining half a loaf is completely stale.)

Other Roommate: “[Lazy Roommate], YOU HAVE A GIANT CROUTON!”

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