There’s No Protection From Stupid

, , , , | Right | December 26, 2018

(It is the day after Christmas. When customers have a faulty item, we send them to technical support, but we are supposed to ask what is wrong first in case it is a quick fix or a question about how the item works. A furious, middle-aged woman comes into the store and makes a beeline for me at the camera counter. She has a box of one of our entry-level cameras. These cost under $100. I assume she is unhappy with the speed, as they take a few seconds to save the image to the card.)

Customer: “This is outrageous! I demand a refund! You have ruined Christmas!”

Me: “I’m sorry; that’s not good at all. What’s happened?”

Customer: “We bought this camera and it is faulty! I couldn’t believe it when it was opened. Its screen is broken! Christmas was ruined! I was so embarrassed!”

Me: *thinking it is an LCD screen issue* “May I please look at it?”

(She half-throws it at me and I open it to check the parts are all there. When we exchange an item or book it in to be fixed, we must check that A) it’s there, B) it is the same item as the box, and C) it is broken. All I plan to do is have a look and then walk her over to the technical support when…)

Me: *very carefully peels off the camera’s screen protector*

(The customer goes WHITE with silent rage and then snatches it off me, stuffing it back in the box and exploding with:)

Customer: “I am never shopping here again!”

(Then, she grabbed her nonplussed husband on her way out — he’d been wandering around looking at things — and dragged him out of the store. It was one of those moments when I honestly had no idea how I could have acted without making her feel hideously embarrassed. I guess it pays to check you’ve removed all the packaging before using a new item!)

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